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Stock Car Races or Culture Out the Ying Yang

August 2, 2010

Not sure when I have been with such a large group of an unfamiliar sub-culture all in one place, until last night.  I don’t travel around the world and visit places and people with complete different views, styles, language sets so, my cultural experiences are somewhat limited.  Last night, I felt that I was in [...]


Y is for Yearly Yearning

July 7, 2010

Yes, it is that time of the week again for Alphabet Thursday and the letter is Y.  Will this produce as many interesting blogs over at Ms. Jenny’s school for the “yearning to be writers” crowd?  We shall see.  They didn’t disappoint last week.    It is also that time of Year again….a Yearly occurance [...]


W is for a Walk in the Woods

June 23, 2010

When I was a child, life wasn’t quite as dangerous as it is today…understatement.  We walked several blocks to school without our parents.  At Halloween, we went Trick or Treating up and down blocks and blocks of streets without our parents.  We walked down to the shopping center, even though it was a good 10 [...]


Saving Grace

May 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the letter S at Alphabet Thursday (see the button on my right sidebar to visit the site) and I thought I would tell a story about my daughter, Nurse M&M, who went to Yei, Sudan as a medical missionary to an orphanage. She and another nurse, ran a clinic that treated about 125 [...]


Return of the Pie From War

May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010 So, this week I received an email from my son who said that I would be happy to know that he had received the pecan pie in the mail that we sent him……last November.  That is right!  He just received it. Now first thing you have to know is that my [...]

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