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Dreaming of a White Winter But Accepting the Coming of Spring

by Permanent Posies on February 26, 2012

I am normally snapping pictures right and left when I go on vacation but I kept forgetting when I went to the mountains (Angel Fire, NM) this trip with some dear friends. I got one photo of the skiers.


I did take a bunch on the way home. We had a beautiful snow on us all the way from Angel Fire to Childress.  The snow stopped our progression at that point, so we had a nice stay in a nice hotel, hanging around until noon the next day.

Of course, this is Texas, so by the time we were on the road the next day, it was 55 degrees and there wasn’t a drop of snow anywhere. Thought I would share some of my dreamy driving photos.   I am afraid that this is all the snow I am going to see this year.




P1110422_thumb7 P1110454_thumb2



I am SO not ready for spring. Call me crazy but I love the way snow makes EVERYTHING look beautiful and of course, I LOVE cold weather. No, really!

Well, I do love spring too (though it is the promise of a hot summer that brings me down) When my Viburnum began blooming for the first time EVER, I did have a twinge of excitement for the coming beautiful flowers just around the corner. I need to share these photos for my husband, who is in Guinea, Africa right now and isn’t sure he believes me that these bushes have actually bloomed.



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Lindsey March 1, 2012 at 7:06 AM

I love the picture of the long winding road that you can see forever. It makes me miss West Texas! :)

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