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Hello. My Name is Susan and I Am a Compulsive Food Buyer.

by Permanent Posies on July 8, 2011

I have come to the realization that I am a compulsive food buyer (and eater) and have decided that I am going to cook only what I have in my freezer and my pantry until I get down to the bottom of all that food.  Seriously, how many jars of salsa, hot wing sauce, relish, coffee, jelly, pasta, vinegar, etc. does one need….or in my case….two people need?  Is there really some big terrible thing that takes place if you run out of canned tomatoes or cream of mushroom soup?  How many types of beans do I really need to have on hand at one time?  And really…..more chips?  Again, what was wrong with the ones I already have?

So, this is my challenge… cook what I have so that I can clear out some space.  My freezer is full and I am not talking about a refrigerator freezer.  Oh, yea, that one…….those two are full too.  I am talking about my stand alone freezer.  It is full.   Of course, my in-laws gave that to us the first year we were married ( which is 34 years ago tomorrow) and it is not a frost free, so some of that space is full of ice that I would get rid of if the freezer wasn’t so dang full. 

What can I say?  I love to shop.  I love to shop for food. 

Now, I have allowed myself to buy fresh things, like milk and veggies……eggs….cheese….lunch meat…..bread etc.  But everything else has to be adapted to what is on hand.

Surely I can do this, right?  If money was a major issue, I know I could do it.

So, today I decided I NEEDED some Honey Sesame chicken… daughter’s recipe (Jewelry Vendor).  Only problem was that I needed to go to the grocery store for the things on my list that I could purchase…..and my decision came while I was shopping.

CHALLENGE DAY 1….failure!  I bought sesame seeds and honey. 

This won’t work without some kind of cooperation from myself.  Let me start over tomorrow. 

Hello!  My name is Susan and I am a compulsive food shopper.  I am just glad the problem isn’t meth.

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Krystyn Kathleen Kendrick Rich July 8, 2011 at 10:38 PM


syd July 9, 2011 at 12:32 AM

Hey, Susan!!  That is so funny–that is me, too!  I have the same non-frostfree freezer that I have to bribe my husband to defrost,etc.  We have had problems with our current frig, so I am appliance/kitchen remodeling planning, which I don’t want to do right now!!  And yes, it is not fun to run out of cream of mushroom soup–you will suddenly need it if you run out of it.  However, I am not too excited about finding a “stockroom” in my home to begin extreme couponing!!  loved it!! syd xoxoxo

Anonymous July 9, 2011 at 1:28 AM

I hate defrosting! I rarely do it and normally wait until there is very little in there. Well, if I don’t stop buying meat, it will never get done…haha.

Cheryl B. July 9, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Hi Susan :->
I have an idea which might help you. Actually, a couple of them… hey, I’m like that o;-p

First off – get you mind set around the very true concept, that even in the freezer, food DOES lose it’s quality after awhile. Therefore, if you don’t start using it up NOW, your going to end up regretting it latter. Different things have varying lengths of good freezer life, just like different canned products have varying ‘shelf life’ dates on them. And so do boxed and bagged products. Chips, etc., sitting in unopen bags, can and do go stale.
   So you have to get your mind SET on the idea that you NEED to use that stuff up, or it’s all been a waste of money.

Second idea – Get out a legal pad and take a detailed inventory of everything you’ve currently got on hand. In the deep freeze. In the fridge freezer. In the pantry. Stashed in the basement. Any food item you have stored any-where!
Yup, it’s gonna be a long list.
there’s actually two steps of what to do with the second idea -
step #1 – before you allow yourself to stop at a store, go over that list so you KNOW what products you already have on hand.
step # 2 – go through your recipe box and see how many things you can make for how many dinners using ONLY what you have on hand. You might need to do some tweaking, but I be there are LOTS of complete meals currently available in your home.
   Then, how many things could you make if you ONLY bought one or two ingredients?
    Then, by only buying three or four?

From now on, do NOT let yourself go into a grocery store, until you have JUST gone over both your inventory, as well as your recipes lists. Nope, no quick ‘run ins since I’m so close anyways’.

Once you have worked your way considerably far into your stock, reward yourself by going out and purchasing every single part of a dinner that you’ve been having quite the craving for, but haven’t had the ingredients for.

And from then on, make yourself stick pretty darn close to a shopping list you make – afrer you’ve gone over your inventory list.

For awhile, it might help to hang your inventory list on the door of your microwave. Yes, microwave. It’s harder to ignore it there than it is on your fridge. ;-p

Once you use up something on the inventory list, cross it off in a different color ink than what you used to make the list. The more of the opposing color you start seeing on the list, the better you will feel about the whole situation!!

As for your “love to shop for food”. Find an elderly neighbor who has challenges shopping and weekly take them to do theirs. It will bring you double rewards!   You might even be able to take enough neighbors that your headed to the grocery store with one or the other three times a week. Just before you head there, take your check book, cash, and debit/charge cards out of your purse. ;-p
Or, maybe you know somebody who just had surgery, and you could do their shopping for them.

Well, hopefully I haven’t crossed over any lines and made it so that you never want to see my name again….

Anonymous July 10, 2011 at 1:03 AM

Can I please post your letter on my blog? It was so good!

Cheryl B. July 10, 2011 at 4:46 AM

sure. Glad i didn’t offend you! ;-)

Nikki DeVault September 24, 2011 at 4:19 PM

I have the same problem! And the problem has worsened because I have recently begun coupon clipping!  I thought coupons were supposed to save me money.  But, I think I am spending more and stocking up on more food just to get the deal.  It is truly an addiction :) Off to dig into the freezer for dinner…you inspired me!

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