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Leave My Oxalis Alone

by Permanent Posies on November 16, 2010

My little friends are at it again.  Oxalis must be a tasty treat….along with most things in my garden.  I just can’t help but not be mad because the the White-tailed deer are so beautiful.  My dog will run at them and they will jump the fence and then just turn and stare at her….basically saying….nanny nanny boo boo.  Every once in a while, Charlee (the dog) will climb under the fence and chase them for a little while.  She knows she can’t catch them so, normally, she just keeps them out of her territory.

P1020900 P1020896  P1020906

It doesn’t appear that the bucks care about their own territory.  One afternoon, these guys were just hanging out right over the fence.


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